Data Dictionary

Column Type Label Description
Worksheet text
Old Ref ID ID2-1 text
Ref ID ID2-2 numeric
Record Last Updated (dd/mm/yyyy) ID2-3 timestamp
Operator (or Applicant) ID2-4 text
Site Name ID2-5 text
Technology Type ID2-6 text
Storage Type ID2-7 text
Storage Co-location REPD Ref ID ID2-8 text
Installed Capacity (MWelec) ID2-9 numeric
CHP Enabled ID2-10 text
RO Banding (ROC/MWh) ID2-11 text
FiT Tariff (p/kWh) ID2-12 text
CfD Capacity (MW) ID2-13 text
Turbine Capacity (MW) ID2-14 text
No. of Turbines ID2-15 text
Height of Turbines (m) ID2-16 text
Mounting Type for Solar ID2-17 text
Development Status ID2-18 text
Development Status (short) ID2-19 text
Address ID2-20 text
County ID2-21 text
Region ID2-22 text
Country ID2-23 text
Post Code ID2-24 text
X-coordinate ID2-25 numeric
Y-coordinate ID2-26 numeric
Planning Authority ID2-27 text
Planning Application Reference ID2-28 text
Appeal Reference ID2-29 text
Secretary of State Reference ID2-30 text
Type of Secretary of State Intervention ID2-31 text
Judicial Review ID2-32 text
Offshore Wind Round ID2-33 text
Planning Application Submitted ID2-34 timestamp
Planning Application Withdrawn ID2-35 text
Planning Permission Refused ID2-36 text
Appeal Lodged ID2-37 text
Appeal Withdrawn ID2-38 text
Appeal Refused ID2-39 text
Appeal Granted ID2-40 text
Planning Permission Granted ID2-41 timestamp
Secretary of State - Intervened ID2-42 text
Secretary of State - Refusal ID2-43 text
Secretary of State - Granted ID2-44 text
Planning Permission Expired ID2-45 timestamp
Under Construction ID2-46 text
Operational ID2-47 text
Heat Network Ref ID2-48 text
Ref ID ID3-1 numeric
Renewable Ref ID ID3-2 text
Record Last Updated (dd/mm/yyyy) ID3-3 timestamp
Operator (or Applicant) ID3-4 text
Site Name ID3-5 text
Connection to communal or district heat network ID3-6 text
Number of customer connections ID3-7 text
Number of buildings ID3-8 text
Types of buildings ID3-9 text
Technology Type ID3-10 text
Secondary plant technology ID3-11 text
Third plant technology ID3-12 text
Backup plant technology ID3-13 text
Installed Capacity (MWelec) ID3-14 text
Installed Generation Capacity (MW thermal) ID3-15 text
Primary Fuel type ID3-16 text
Heat Source ID3-17 text
Temperature of heat supply (Celsius) ID3-18 text
Heat Storage ID3-19 text
Heat Storage (Volume m3) ID3-20 text
Heat Enabled ID3-21 text
Cooling Enabled ID3-22 text
CHP Enabled ID3-23 text
Length of distribution network (m) ID3-24 text
Average diameter of pipes (mm) ID3-25 text
Development Status ID3-26 text
Development Status (short) ID3-27 text
Address ID3-28 text
County ID3-29 text
Region ID3-30 text
Country ID3-31 text
Post Code ID3-32 text
X-coordinate ID3-33 numeric
Y-coordinate ID3-34 numeric
Planning Authority ID3-35 text
Planning Application Reference ID3-36 text
Appeal Reference ID3-37 text
Secretary of State Reference ID3-38 text
Type of Secretary of State Intervention ID3-39 text
Judicial Review ID3-40 text
Planning Application Submitted ID3-41 timestamp
Planning Application Withdrawn ID3-42 text
Planning Permission Refused ID3-43 text
Appeal Lodged ID3-44 text
Appeal Withdrawn ID3-45 text
Appeal Refused ID3-46 text
Appeal Granted ID3-47 text
Planning Permission Granted ID3-48 timestamp
Secretary of State - Intervened ID3-49 text
Secretary of State - Refusal ID3-50 text
Secretary of State - Granted ID3-51 text
Planning Permission Expired ID3-52 text
Under Construction ID3-53 text
Operational ID3-54 text

Additional Information

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Created 29 April 2021
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