Electricity Network Maps


Maps showing the location of WPD electricity network infrastructure. These show the locations of 11kV, 33kV, 66kV and 132kV transformers (substations) and cables. Underground and overhead cables are included, as are ground and pole mounted transformers. The poles and towers supporting overhead cables are excluded.

The cables are colour coded by voltage as follows:

  • Blue: 11kV
  • Green : 33kV
  • Orange: 66kV
  • Red: 132kV

How to use

The "WPD network 66kV and 132kV overview" map provides a high level view of the electricity supply infrastructure in and around Birmingham. This map includes outlines of the Birmingham wards. Clicking on one of these will give the ward's name.

The ward name can then be used to find the detail map for that ward. These maps include lower voltage electricity infrastructure, down to the distribution substations used to supply domestic and small business properties. However, the locations of the actual cables supplying these properties are not shown as this information is not available from WPD.


  • Projects that use or generate electricity sometimes need special connections to the electricity network, for example high power and/or high voltage. The vicinity of existing electricity infrastructure determines the length of new cables required and hence cost. The maps give high level detail about locations of electricity infrastructure which is useful for initial investigations. This information can then direct more detailed analysis.
  • Projects that involve installation of new infrastructure, for example heat network distribution pipes, will need to be installed around existing electrical infrastructure. These maps give a high level view of this electrical infrastructure so will be useful during initial project general feasibility studies. More detailed information for specific areas can then be obtained through utility companies.

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