Electricity Network Capacity Map


This map shows a combination of data:

  • Distribution substations: The meta data includes an indicator showing capacity for further EV charging.
  • Primary and secondary substations: The meta data includes indicators showing capacity for connecting renewable generation.
  • Flexible power constraint management zones: Locations where WPD are seeking flexible power relationships with larger electricity users (see https://www.flexiblepower.co.uk/about-flexibility-services) (shown in red)
  • Green recovery zones: Areas where WPD has identified a potential need for strategic green recovery investment (see https://www.westernpower.co.uk/green-recovery/) (shown in green)

How to use

The un-zoomed map is of limited use due to the density of distribution substations within Birmingham, however it does show where the Birmingham-area flexible power (in red) and green recovery (in green) zones are in relation to the city.

To see individual substations zoom the map using the "+" button or the scroll-wheel on your mouse.

  • The distribution substations (with description set to "Substation with capacity for EV charging") include a field "Capacity". This gives text based information which shows if there is capacity for charging EVs.
  • The primary and secondary substations can be found by cross-referencing with the "Electricity Network Maps" overview map. For example, in the north of Kingstanding ward (North-West Birmingham) there are 3 substations marked. The centre one is a primary 132kV substation. This has fields that give an overview of available capacity for connecting large scale generation or demand using traffic-light colours, "Red"/"Amber"/"Green". See the fields ending with "_RAG".


  • A wholesale meat supplier operating a large refrigerated storage warehouse would like to reduce it's electricity costs and associated CO2 emissions. They have already updated their refrigeration plant and maximised warehouse insulation. Looking at the map it can be seen that the warehouse is located in a Flexible Power constraint management zone and is near (and possibly connected) to a substation with capacity for available for new generation. This information is used for justification to investigate providing flexibility services based on allowing timed extra and reduced cooling of the warehouse (while maintaining the temperature in the required band for product storage). The substation capacity information is used to justify further investigation into on-site renewable generation, e.g. solar PV or wind.
  • A company which provides electric vehicle charge points within street lighting posts can use the data to analyse the availability of distribution substation capacity for EV charging within Birmingham wards with predominantly on-street parking.

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